Club Presentations

Club Presentations

Frank, K4SJR, Antennas and Feedlines

Dennis, AD4DG, and Rob, KN4VKD on Power

Reese, KN4NTU, From Pi to Ham

Felton, AF4DN, Race Operations Using Packet (Georgia Jewel)

John, KB4DU, presentation on S Units and how it relates to dB

Rob Ballard, KN4VKD, Grounding and Bonding

Rial, AI4ZV, and Hank, K4HYJ, present a program on Fldigi

Rial, AI4ZV, Antenna Theory Amateur Radio Program

Felton, AF4DN, ARES program

John, K4SQC, satellite communication and AMSAT update

Dennis, AD4DG, Program on EchoLink

Felton, AF4DN, presents FT8 and Winlink basic walk-thru

Allan, WB4ZIF, Program on Emergency Preparedness

Bill, KM4UUO, Presentation on the Kon Tiki Expedition

Bill, KM4UUO, A Brief History of Morse Code, or Watching Paint Dry

Dennis, AD4DG, 13 Colonies Presentation

Marvin, AB4MM, program on APRS overview

Courtney, KI4TUF, on Amateur Radio and Emergency Management

Steve, AD4JW, Presentation on Simplex

Hal, WB4AEG, Program about CW